Москва: (495) 781-48-55
Санкт-Петербург:   (812) 324-85-40

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АО "НоваКом" продолжает свою деятельность.

Офисные сотрудники работают удаленно; отгрузки со склада производятся в сокращенном режиме с соблюдением всех необходимых мер безопасности.

По всем вопросам обращайтесь к своему менеджеру, а также, по телефону + 7 495 781 48 55 или электронной почте



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Founded in 1998, NovaCom is a well-known seller and distributor with extensive experience. We are professional team with a huge customer base and knowledge about Russian perfumery and cosmetic market. Our assortment includes the following European and Asian cosmetic ingredients and raw materials:

  • Fragrances for household and industrial products,
  • Perfume compositions,
  • Fragrances for personal care and white cosmetics,
  • Active ingredients both natural and biotechnolgy origin,
  • Peptides,
  • Emulsifiers, thickeners, emollients, surfactants,
  • Preservatives,
  • Extracts, fat oils,
  • Scrubs,
  • Dyes, pigments, glitters;

We respond to customers' needs quickly and effectively and provide technical support through two offices in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. We look forward to cooperating with leading and innovative manufacturers of cosmetic raw materials!